Storm Damage Assessment

Assessments with your best interests in mind

Storm damage is the most common type of damage to buildings and homes throughout Florida, with the majority of damage being caused by strong winds. Your first step following a severe storm that results in damage to your building is to have a damage assessment completed as quickly as possible.

When an assessment is necessary to determine the cause and extent of damages caused by storms, as a property owner, you want to know the assessment is unbiased. It’s important to remember that insurance companies often employ insurance adjusters.
The professionals at ACG Engineering Services provide independent storm damage assessments. Our experts work for condominium associations and property owners: in other words, we work for you, not the insurance company.

We work for YOU

Our unbiased assessments provide you with the honest estimation you need during the process of acquiring a fair and equitable insurance settlement. Many clients throughout Miami-Dade have turned to ACG for storm damage assessment, as our team is known for thorough, quick and accurate damage assessments.

Trusted, Experienced Experts

Our storm damage assessors employ the latest in advanced assessment technologies to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive inspections possible. This enables us to deliver an amazingly detailed report that does its best to eliminate much of the ‘guesswork’ that leaves you short when a final settlement is offered.
Our team understands the importance of not only determining what damages are sports-related but digging deep enough to determine the difference between wind damages and storm surge damages when necessary. We always remember that your standard is the standard we must meet and exceed. That’s always the goal of the professionals at ACG Engineering Services.

Your Safety: our Top Priority

When damage occurs, having emergency repairs completed as quickly as possible is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of the building…as well as the safety of any occupants. The engineers of ACG Engineering Services quickly evaluate your structure to detect damage that could present an unsafe condition. Your safety and that of any other occupants is our top priority. We assess and document any and all damage, including structural damage, to expedite the completion of any emergency repairs needed to maintain the safety of any occupants.

You can trust the professionals of ACG to deliver excellence in storm damage assessment services that include:

  • Differentiate between wind & water damage
  • Accurate cause & origin reporting
  • Accurate Repair Estimate reviews
  • Repair vs. Replace determinations
  • Repair Recommendations

Once damage occurs, don’t hesitate: call ACG Engineering Services for a Storm Damage Assessment.

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