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There’s No Substitute for Experience

Ask any contractor, sub-contractor or builder what want when it comes to engineering services and you’ll get the same answer time and time again: experience. Seasoned professionals understand that there is simply no substitute for real-world hands-on experience. When a project requires an out-of-the-box engineered solution, you want a team that has been face-to-face with as many different scenarios as possible. You want ACG Engineering Services: a team with nearly 50 years of combined experience in providing professional engineering services that deliver effective

A Letter from the Owner

For nearly two decades I’ve worked in the concrete restoration industry. From assessing storm damage to certifications, concrete restorations and evaluations and so much more, I’ve enjoyed learning and mastering the many engineering services necessary to deliver real-world solutions to our clients. Today, through ACG Engineering Services, our team puts all of our experience to work for clients throughout Florida. I’m proud of our team and excited to give you an opportunity to learn more about us as you visit our website. Thanks for stopping by!

Andres Caicedo
Owner, ACG Engineering Services

Experience Saves Time

There is nothing more effective than experience in taking the guesswork out of a project. With nearly fifty years of combined experience, the ACG Engineering team has tackled a dizzying number of complicated projects that required a less-than-traditional approach. Our ability to adapt and apply innovative value engineered solutions quickly and efficiently is born from experience. With so many years and projects behind us, the chances of being surprised are fairly slim. Using modern vernacular…we’ve been there and we’ve done that so it takes us much less time to institute a plan to complete your project.

Experience Saves Money

The more experience you have, the less time you spend guessing. ACG Engineering Services knows what works…and what doesn’t. The early years of trial and error are behind us, and that means more time is spent on getting the job done and less on figuring out how to do it. We’ve spent years and years developing processes that have been proven again and again, and our experiential knowledge reduces material waste and eliminates inefficiency. That means we come in on time and on budget.

Our Vision

ACG is committed to providing each and every client with outstanding professional engineering services. Our immediate goal is to add value to our services by delivering cost-effective, innovatively engineered solutions utilizing time-tested and proven streamlined processes. This immediate goal enables us to reach our ultimate goal of achieving excellent results on time and within budget.

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