Concrete Restoration and Evaluations for South Florida, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward County, and Surrounding Areas

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Concrete Restoration by ACG Engineering Services

Florida is the home of high temperatures, heavy storms and a host of environmental abuses that wreak havoc on concrete. The professionals at ACG Engineering Services are experts at concrete restoration and evaluation, handling repairs for busy property managers and property owner associations.


Whether you’re in need of a repair estimate, condition survey, bid documentation or anything else requiring independent concrete evaluation, ACG Engineering Services can accommodate you. With years of experience in concrete restoration, the pros at ACG bring a critical eye to evaluations for any number of considerations, including budget estimates, liability concerns and more.

Our team offers:

  • Condition Surveys to evaluate structural distress
  • Confirmation of adherence to construction code requirements
  • Pavement condition evaluations
  • Pre-purchase evaluations
  • …And so much more


Florida is a tough environment for concrete…and Floridians count on ACG Engineering Services for expert concrete restoration. Our team of engineers offers total restoration services that bring your concrete work back to original condition. From rebar spalling (cracking, ‘chunking’, etc.) repair to expansion joint repair, our team specializes in concrete restoration and repairs.

Rebar spalling happens when concrete is constantly exposed to the intense Florida sun. High temperatures, continuous pressure and moisture all contribute to the degradation of concrete, causing large pieces to separate from the main body of construction. That’s when rebar begins to rust and expand inside the concrete, causing even greater damage as areas separate from the rusting rebar. Like an infection, this spreads, increasing the damage and exposing more rebar to the elements.

Expansion Joints are designed to allow that natural expansion and contraction of concrete materials to prevent structural damage. On older structures, expansion gaps are absent, as they weren’t yet prevalent. The ACG team can provide expert repairs for these and many other forms of concrete damage.

Our team works with your team

Our staff is more than willing to work with your staff, as well as professional contractors, other structural engineers, architects, and general contractors to ensure your project is completed according to your specifications. We’re happy to partner with government entities, municipalities, condo and homeowner associations and others to get the job done.

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